November 22, 2017


Clean babies are healthy babies. And healthy babies are happy babies. And happy babies are the cutest!

How do you clean your child's nose, ears & vagina? Most parents make the mistake of ignoring these vital & sensitive parts after bathing thier babies? Your fingers can neva enter these parts of your child's body to clean them. Washing isn't enough. Do you know that dirts pile up on those hidden corners of the body? Do you also know that these dirts can cause chronic odours? Especially the private parts. No child is too young to be kept clean. In fact, the earlier you start mAking them get used to cleanliness, the better for them to grow up to become clean adults.

-After bathing your child, use soft cotton buds & clean the external parts of the ears. Especially the corner at the top that is hidden. Use the buds and clean tru, then the outer layer of the ears that is visible. Oil and water don't make no fresh combination on the skin at all. There are lines behind the ear, use the cotton buds to clean through. Your fingers can't reach those part of the ear to clean. Change the cotton buds during each part U're cleaning. Plz do not insert cotton buds inside ur child's ears..only the external part.

-Use cotton buds to gently & carefully clean ur child's nostrils. Do not dip the cotton buds inside the part u can't see clearly. Gently do this after bathing ur child. The dusts & cattarh & discharges from the nose aren't a good sight to behold when looking into ur child's nose. And plz don't send ur help or nanny to do this. Do it by yourself. That way u canbe careful enough not to injure ur child tru the nostril by dipping deeper. The clean & free nostril helps ur child to breathe more freer and feel neat, more relaxed and more comfortable. The earlier u start it, the easier they get used to it. And always keep ur cotton buds out of their reach. To avoid them tryna do these when nobody is watching & end up causing injuries on themselves!

-After bathing your child, lay her on her back. Spread her legs open, & use a non scented baby wipes to carefully & gently wipe her vagina from up down to her anus. Your hand & Water cannot do this magic. As their private parts are too small for u to comfortably clean them only by washing. Use ur finger to gently push thier vagina lips to the side & wipe off the hidden dirts & remains from thier poop that hide on those corners after washing.

Plz do not wipe from down to upwards, so u don't put germs on her vagina from the anus. Wipe from up down to the anus & wipe the anus carefully. Even at intervals, after urinating, some of the urine hide on those corners..causing ur child to have foul smell in her private parts. Do u even smell ur child's pant after removing? Do u take ur nose down thier b4 u change her pant? I bet not. B4 wiping, smell her vagina & anus..Wipe, & smell again. U'll notice the freshness & difference! Pls don't forget the key words, GENTLY & CAREFULLY!

I've been doing these for Kamsi since birth & she's used to them. She even reminds me to clean her properly if I'm in anyway


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