September 21, 2017



Breast feeding helps you lose weight and equally helps your uterus to shrink faster. Breastfeeding is a natural way of burning fat and calories. There are usually contractions in the tummy during breast feeding, which helps the tummy to get flatter. Breastfeeding stimulates the muscles of the uterus to work through the secretion of oxytocin. This activity helps it shrink faster. I breastfed Kamsi exclusively for 6 months before introducing water and cereals to her. And she was breastfed for one year and 4 months before i weaned her.


A balanced diet is compulsory if you are going to burn fat in your tummy and help your uterus shrink. Good nutrition helps your breast milk to be more nutritious. Hence the breastfeeding mechanism can be more functional. Your baby would be more interested in sucking your breast milk, and this will help your body and uterus to work more. You stand a better chance of getting a flatter tummy this way. Also make out time for breakfast!


Massages on the base of the tummy with essential oils and warm water can naturally help your tummy to become flatter. This is used traditionally, and it is very effective.


Supplements like collagen can help your tummy get back into shape. Take supplements that encourage flexibility in your skin. They can really help you flatten your tummy. However, only take these supplements after pregnancy.. Not during.



This is one of the first exercises you should start. Lie on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. This is almost like you are about to do a sit up, but it is a little different because you are only going to be moving your head. Raise your head from the ground, hold it for a second, and put your head back down. Do about 20 repetitions 2 times.. That makes 40 repetitions. Take a break before you start the second set. You should feel your abs moving upward in your body. Dont go beyond this exercise at first. The idea of crunches is to contract your abdominals. Now after this, sit on a chair and contract your abdominal muscles. Do this a couple of times daily while you are sitting.


Get in the same position you got in for your crunches. Feet flat to the floor, knees bent, back to the ground. Now instead of moving just your head, also move your shoulders and part of your upper body. This should be done after 2 weeks of doing just crunches. This tightens your abdominals more. Do about 10 repetitions in 3 sets, taking a break at each interval. You can increase your numbers when you feel more comfortable.


For better all round flexibility, mix the crunch and sit ups with yoga & pilates exercises. These tips work wonders for first time mothers. If you are a fitness freak, then after a while of doing just these exercises, you can engage in more rigorous work out routines. For now, stick with these. 

EAT ENOUGH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES on daily basis. At least 5 portions everyday. As they would help you to avoid eating much junks in between meals. Avoid eating cakes and biscuits. And meals that contain high fats and high sugar should be avoided.

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