July 5, 2016


As a new mother are you looking for ways to keep the nose of your baby clean? It is natural to get worried about being able to clean the tiny nose of your baby. You of course would want to do it right the first time and not hurt the little one.
Cleaning Baby’s Nose:

Babies can develop a congested nose if they catch cold or if mucus develops over a period of time. There are few ways in which you can effectively clean the nose of your baby. Some popular methods are adopted by moms all over the world to clean the nasal passage of their babies. Understanding these will help you do this in the most convenient and easy way.
There are modern day methods like using a nasal aspirator that can help you clean the nose of the baby. You can also use a bulb syringe to clear the stuffy nose of your baby.
What Is A Bulb Syringe?
The bulb syringe is a nifty little device created to suction out mucus from a baby’s nose. Pediatrics recommend using saline drops and a bulb syringe to provide relief from cold. Why do you need a bulb syringe? Well, for one, your baby cannot blow out mucus from her nose. Secondly, OTC cold medication does not provide any relief from cold and cough (1). But they can cause several serious side effects. In such a scenario, a bulb syringe and saline nose drops are the only safe ways to help your baby deal with a cold.
You can get a rubber bulb syringe from a medicine shop.
    This syringe is available in the shape of a bulb.
    You will also need a saline solution to loosen the dried up mucus in the nose of your baby.
    This saline solution is also available in the pharmacies.
7 Steps On How To Clean Baby Nose Using A Bulb Syringe:
So, now that you have bought a bulb syringe, you need to use it. Using these devices is easier than you think. Just follow the steps mentioned here.
Things You’ll Need:
    -Nose drops
    -Bulb syringe
    -Tissue papers
How To Use:
    -Squeeze the air out from the syringe and ensure that vacuum is created.
    -Place your baby on the bed or on a changing table with his or her face towards you. Ensure that the chin is slightly tilted.
    -You can now apply the saline solution into one of the nostrils to loosen the mucus. Apply it using a dropper and clean the dropper after use.
    -Gently place the rubber tip of the bulb syringe in one of the nostrils of the baby and gently release the bulb to suction out the mucus.
    -Remove the syringe and ensure that the mucus is taken out in a tissue by squeezing the bulb with force.
    -You can then repeat the same process with the other nostril after cleaning the bulb syringe by wiping it.
    -After the completion of the process you can clean the inside of the bulb syringe. Use soapy water that can be filled in the bulb syringe and squeezed out.
Five easy steps and you can give your baby some much-needed relief. For best results, don’t forget to use saline drops. You can buy these drops from a medical store, or you can make some at home!
DIY Saline Drops:
Here’s an easy recipe to make saline solution:
Things You’ll Need:
    -One cup warm water
    -Table salt
    -Clean container with cover
    -Nose dropper
    -Measuring spoon
How To Make:
    -Fill a container with warm water.
    -Add 1/4 Tsp salt.
    -Stir until salt dissolves in water.
    -Now use a nose dropper to pour a few drops inside your baby’s nostril. Don’t store this solution. Make a fresh batch each time you need it.
9 Precautions To Take While Using A Bulb Syringe:
The steps to clean the nose of your baby with the help of a bulb syringe are pretty simple and easy. However, proper caution should be exercised while cleaning the nose of your baby.
Here are a few things that you should keep in mind:
    -Use the bulb syringe before your baby eats. This will make eating easier. Not just that. If you use it after a feeding, it can cause vomiting.
    -If the mucus is too thick, use saline drops before you use a bulb syringe.
    -In order to avoid irritating the lining of the nose of your baby, do not use the suction bulb more than twice or thrice in a day.
    -Ensure not to use the saline solution for more than four consecutive days. With repeated usage the nose might become more congested and dried.
    -Do not apply too much force to suction out the mucus as it might cause inflammation of the nose of your baby.
    -In case your baby shows some resistance to the process of suctioning out the mucus do not try to clean forcefully. Instead, try to complete the process at a later time when your baby is ready for it.
    -Use the device properly. Failure to do so can cause your baby discomfort. If you don’t squeeze out all the air from the bulb syringe, a blast of air inside the nostril can damage your newborn’s delicate nose.
    -Keep the bulb syringe clean. After each time you use it, clean the device with warm water. You can also use soapy water. And allow the bulb syringe to air dry completely before you store it.
    -Replace the bulb syringe after every 3-4 months. If you see small black specks in the water after cleaning the bulb, replace immediately. Using a dirty bulb or contaminated saline drops can cause more harm than good.
Steps To Use A Nasal Aspirator:
There are a number of nasal aspirators available in the market today that can help you clean the nose of your baby gently. BabyComfyNose and NoseFrida are some of the popular nasal aspirators that are preferred by most mothers.
Here are a few steps that can guide you in the process of using the nasal aspirator:
    -The nasal aspirator has a nozzle that has to be placed on the tip of the nostril of your baby.
    -It has a long tube in the middle and a mouthpiece on the other end. Using this mouthpiece you can suction out the mucus into the nozzle of the aspirator.
    -There is a filter in the tube that will prevent the mucus or any form of infection from reaching you.
    -The tube, nozzle and the mouthpiece can all be taken apart and washed in soap water.

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