May 4, 2016


You may be concerned that heating food in a microwave using plastic dishes or plastic wrap will increase your risk of developing cancer.
Many different chemicals are involved in the manufacturing of plastic, and some of these may cause cancer. It is possible that these chemicals may leach out of the container and into the food it holds.
There are a number of different kinds of plastic containers:

    -some are designed for household products
    -some are used to hold gardening supplies
    -others are specifically made to store the food and liquid that we eat and drink
Companies that make plastic containers for food storage use different substances and make the containers differently than when they make containers for other uses. Because of this, it's important to use plastic containers only as intended, particularly when storing food.
There has been some concern that food may absorb some of the plasticizer used in plastic to make it more flexible - particularly at high temperatures when microwaving or when heating fatty or oily foods.
To ensure the safe use of containers or wrap that are in contact with food during re-heating, you can do the following:
        -Use glass, ceramic and plastic containers and plastic wrap that are labelled as microwave safe (the later not Applicable to people residing in Africa)- for example packaged food with labelling instructions for heating in the package or storage containers sold for use in microwave ovens. Plastic containers that release anything more than a small amount of plasticizers are not approved for use in Canada.
    -Never heat or store food in plastic containers that were not intended for food. One-time use containers, like margarine tubs, tend to warp or melt in the microwave, and this may allow more of the substances in plastic to go into the food.
    -If you're using plastic containers for storage, let the food cool before storing, then refrigerate it immediately. Avoid plastics and containers that are visibly damaged, stained or have a bad smell.
     -To Africans living in Africa, use the native leaves when preparing your bean pudding (MOI MOI)to wrap it before cooking. Leaves are organic, natural and harmless. Do not use plastic containers or aluminium containers or plastic bags to cook moimoi as this increases your risks to cancer.
Dangers of boiling foods in plastic containers
Cooking foods in plastic bags is a trend that has come and gone several times. In recent years people have begun to question the safety of this cooking method. The FDA regulates the safety of plastic containers so that they can be used for boiling or heating foods. This also includes the cooking method called sous vide, which cooks food in water in a sealed plastic bag but below boiling temperatures. However, plastic bags are not regulated the same way. Medicals recommend heating foods only in approved containers that are labeled as such, especially when heating in the microwave.
Many dangers that can lead to illness or injury exist when food is boiled in plastic bags. These include:
-Burns etc

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