May 7, 2016


Most bruises are harmless and heal on their own within a week to 10 days. To help your baby’s bruise heal, there are some treatments you can try:
If your baby’s bruise is swollen, apply an ice pack for 15-minute periods several times a day during the first 48 hours. A partially thawed package of frozen peas is useful if an ice pack isn’t handy. Make sure you wrap the package in a cloth first to avoid the cold hurting your baby’s skin.

You may also find homeopathic remedies can help bring down the swelling.
Try arnica cream from your pharmacist, or consult a homeopath about using arnica tablets.If your baby seems upset and in pain from his bruise, give him infant paracetamol or ibuprofen.
Check the dose carefully and consult your doctor if you are unsure.Don’t forget the hugs and kisses!
When should I call the doctor?
If your baby got his bruises after an accident, such as falling off a bed or down the stairs, call your doctor, as she may want to examine him for less obvious injuries.
You should also call the doctor if any of the following apply to your baby:
-He has banged his head and has a bruise behind the ear – this could be a sign of a skull fracture.
-The bruise doesn’t fade or disappear in two weeks.
-Your baby seems upset and in pain for more than 24 hours.
-The bruise seems swollen and full of pus, and hasn’t got better after 48 hours of ice treatment.
-Your baby develops a fever.
-Your baby has lots of unexplained black-and-blue or purple spots and bruises that aren’t associated with injuries.
-This may indicate that he has a bleeding disorder.

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