April 21, 2016


Could gas be making my baby fussy?
Three out of four babies suffer from painful infant gas. Gas bubbles can often cause discomfort, leading to crankiness and crying. Many babies suffering from infant gas pull their legs up, lying in a curled position in an effort to relieve the discomfort.

Infants' MYLICON® Drops can provide safe, effective relief for your baby’s gas.*Use only as directed. Do not exceed 12 doses per day.
What are the common signs of infant gas?
-Your baby is crying even though you’ve already changed and fed her.
-Your baby has a hard time burping or spits up a lot.
-Your baby is kicking/pumping her legs.
-Your baby’s belly looks bloated or full.
-You’ve tried more than one bottle/nipple type.
-You’ve switched formulas to help with fussiness.
*If you are unsure, or if your baby has a fever, it could be something more serious than gas, so talk to your healthcare professional.
Pediatricians choose Infants' MYLICON® Drops for safe and effective relief of infant gas. Infants' MYLICON®Drops work gently to break down gas bubbles in minutes and are safe because they are not absorbed into your baby’s system.

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