January 24, 2016


The Following are a few steps that can help mothers to prevent mosquito bites on their infants.
1. Dress Your Baby in Covered Clothes
Even if the weather is warm, make sure your baby is wearing protective clothing that prevents mosquitoes and other insects to bite them. Clothes that cover full arms and legs should be worn by babies.

2. Apply Insect Repellents
Insect repellents can be used on clothes of the babies. It must be made sure that such products are never used on baby’s skin as the chemicals can be harmful. DEET is present in these repellents for best protection, but it must not be used at all on babies that are under age of two months.
3. Use Mosquito Nettings
This netting can be used to cover your baby’s crib, car seat or any other thing that your baby is using. It prevents mosquitoes from getting near to the baby.
4. Keep Your Child Away from Mosquitoes
Mosquitoes can be found where there is stagnant water and even in wooded areas. Children must be kept away from places like these.
5. Repair Your Broken Window Screens
All windows with broken nets must be repaired. It is preferable to use fans instead of windows as the air from the fans keeps away mosquitoes too.
Symptoms of Allergies to Mosquito Bites on Baby
The common symptoms of allergies from mosquito bites are lesions, inflammation of the bitten area, red patches, hives and lymphangitis, etc. Also anaphylaxis which brings along wheezing and swelling of the throat must be immediately checked as it can be life threatening.
It isn’t just the allergies one should be worried about when it comes to mosquito bites, but there are other concerns too such as mosquitoes can transmit dangerous diseases.
West Nile virus is one of the most common viruses spread by mosquitoes. The signs may include rash, fatigue, fever, headaches, light sensitivity, meningitis, neurological problems, vomiting, nausea and body aches, etc.
When to Seek Medical Help
You should take your child to the doctor immediately if:
-There are reactions occurring in other parts of the body too and breathing is getting heavier.
-Swelling or itching does not subside after a day’s time or even gets worst.
-The pain on the bitten area does not settle down.
-There are other things that are bothering.

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