January 23, 2016


Babies tend to get bitten by insects more frequently than adults. It is only because they are easy preys and they are not aware of these insects in their surroundings. Insects, especially mosquitoes are almost everywhere, more so outdoors where children play. But there is no way mosquito bites can be absolutely avoided.
The chances can be minimized though. Parents should be more careful and vigilant of where their kids are playing, so the children are less available for mosquitoes to attack.
1. Treatment for Mosquito Bites on Baby
    -Eliminate swelling.
It happens pretty often that one catches mosquitoes biting on their children, what you should do is gently sweep that mosquito from your child’s skin and cold compress it to minimize swelling and itching. Any perfume or deodorant that contains aluminum chloride also works wonders and eases down the itch and swelling. It also shrinks the size of the bite.
    -Eliminate itching.
Calamine lotions come in handy for reducing itching due to mosquito bites. Also hydrocortisone lotions are used frequently for this purpose.
    -Scratching should be discouraged.
It is very difficult for kids to not scratch themselves when they have been bitten, but it is important that you tell your child not to do so, as scratching, sometimes, leads to skin abrasion or hypersensitivity that may increase the risk of bacterial invasion via abraded skin leading to infections. Nails should be cut short in order to prevent your kids from scratching and to minimize bacterial invasion and transmission.
    -Seek doctor’s advice.
If you see any signs of infections, redness, swellings, then you must seek immediate consultation from a healthcare professional. Many dangerous diseases are carried by mosquitoes that can be transmitted or contracted via mosquito bites. Usually, mosquito bites are not that harmful. But if your child is having an unlucky day, then you must know the symptoms. The symptoms are usually fever, vomiting, headaches, etc. It is better to see a doctor who may run some tests to detect infections and diseases in early stages.
2. Natural Home Remedies for Mosquito Bites on Babies
Home remedies are available for almost all little things. They might or might not effect, but they have been carried on from generations to generations and people do believe in them. Some home remedies for mosquito bites are as following:
-Aloe vera,
-Water n baking soda,
-Raw honey,
-A dry bar of soap,
-Paste of salt,
-Garlic paste.

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