November 7, 2015


It's not the honey itself but what's in it that can make babies sick. The natural sweetener can contain the spores of a bacteria called Clostridium botulinum, the culprit behind the illness known as botulism. If these spores are ingested by a baby, they can grow in the intestines, where they'll produce botulism toxin, a highly poisonous substance that may gradually paralyze all the muscles in the body
Healthy older children and adults can eat honey with no trouble because their bodies are capable of preventing the spores from growing.
"The standard advice is to wait until your child is 1 year old before feeding him or her honey,". "But honey generally isn't an important source of nutrition for children, so to be on the safe side, it's even better to wait until 2 years of age."
Thankfully, infant botulism is quite rare and has a high recovery rate when diagnosed early and treated appropriately.
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Queen LaGlamour Claire Oby said...

Wow wow wow...thanks sweetheart

Unknown said...

Mehn I always thought about adding honey to my baby's pacifier when I have a baby. Guess I will think again!