November 23, 2015


Falling from a highchair is one of the most common accidents that babies and small children have, so you need to be careful when you buy one and use it at home
Choose a highchair that's sturdy, with a wide base. It should be hard to tip over, free of sharp edges, and a good fit for your baby (look at how deep the seat is and how much wiggle room your baby has).
Always use the restraint system for a young baby. It should include a belt that goes across your baby's hips or straps that go over the shoulders and fasten between the legs. Check to make sure the latch is reliable. The straps should be adjustable – and each adjustment should be secure.
If the chair has any wheels, they should be lockable. Don't place the highchair near a table or countertop, as your baby may be able to push against these surfaces and tip the chair over.
Even when your baby is restrained properly, you can't completely rely on built-in safety features. Always keep an eye on your little one when he or she is in the highchair.

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