November 12, 2015


In the world today, most men feel/believe their duties end in the bedroom (getting the woman pregnant). Every other thing concerning the baby and nursing is upto their patner. Very wrong.
Apart from breastfeeding, every
other thing about the child's care goes 50-50. It's very important that today's men learn and pay attention to child-care issues.
It doesn't matter if the patner is available or not, assistance given to her during and after pregnancy, goes a long way. Not just to help ease off the stress that comes with pregnancy & nursing, also it creates an avenue for the baby to bond easily with his/her father.
As baby starts learning how to talk, their first words are usually DADA or PAPA. The joy of you(the father) being the one to hear them the 1st time by yourself without being told about it is immeasurable.
In situation where by the baby's mum is sick, at work, needs a lil rest or even dead, all hopes shouldn't be lost when it comes to taking care of him/her. Especially when you don't know how to find a nanny to trust with your child.
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