November 2, 2015


ONLY a qualified and trained gynaecology specialist or consultant can make this diagnosis. Please don't patronise quacks in this case. This may determine your ability to have a child or not.

There is nothing like flushing open the Fallopian tubes through the vagina (many girls have told me this. Any doctor that tells you he/she can open up your blocked Fallopian tubes by flushing something through your vagina is quack. Please run for your dear life).

You need a type of operation known as TUBOPLASTY to open up your blocked Fallopian tubes and ONLY a high quality gynaecologist can perform this surgery.

You do not have to do a D and C or an abortion to have Fallopian tube blockage.

The commonest cause of blocked Fallopian tubes is Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) and the commonest causes of PID are sexually transmitted infections such as gonorrhoea and Chlamydia. Unfortunately, when women have these infections they may never know unless their boyfriends or husbands tells them that they have been infected.

The Fallopian tubes may also be blocked by endometritis, infections after childbirth and intraabdominal infections including appendicitis and peritonitis. But these are rare causes.

We also know that women with distal Fallopian tube blockage have a higher rate of HIV infection.

Fallopian tubes may be blocked as a method of contraception (Tubal Ligation). In these situations tubes tend to be healthy and typically patients requesting the procedure have had children. Tubal ligation is considered a permanent procedure.


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