October 29, 2015


Who would've guessed that reggae or Brahms could be good for your baby's soul? Music that soothes you or makes you happy just might have the same effect on your baby. Although there's evidence that music has cognitive benefits for preschoolers and older children, No one has studied this phenomenon in infants. Still, you may find that music plays a useful role in your baby's life in other ways: 1;- "Music as a soother". Works for you, doesn't it? When your baby is fussy or crying, try singing a lullaby like "Hush Little Baby" or "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" or any song composed by you specially for your baby, softly into his or her ear. The repetitive sounds and your familiar voice may help your baby feel more secure and relaxed. 2;- "Music as calming background noise". Instead of keeping the TV or talk radio on, consider switching to an all-music station you like. Or program a playlist of tunes that please both you and your baby. 3;- "Music as a source of strength". A study found that premature infants who were exposed to music gained more weight, had lower blood pressure, and had a stronger heartbeat than a comparable group of babies who weren't. There's no evidence that any one kind of music is more effective than another, so pick what you like. But skip music with discordant notes and chaotic pacing, like some heavy metal and hardcore rap. Your baby probably won't like it, and studies in animals and plants suggest that these tunes can interfere with growth. Keep your baby happy with good music and of cos stay kamsified!

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